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[Butterfly Abs Machine] Scam - The Truth About Non-Effective Ab Exercises and Ab Machines

 Are you looking to buy a Butterfly Abs Machine?

The Truth About InEffective Ab Exercises and "Ab Machines"
by Mike Geary - Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer
lean stomach and six pack abs 
I was at a poker party up in North Jersey over the weekend at a friend's house.  My friend had moved into this beautiful new home about a year ago, but I had never made it up for a visit until this weekend.

Well, as they were giving us a tour of the house, we took a peek into one of their spare rooms which wasn't being used for anything. 

The only thing they had in this room was one of those infomercial "ab loungers" covered in dust... you know, the ab-chair looking thingy that they hawk on the infomercials as being the end-all solution to a flabby stomach... telling you that you can get a flat stomach and perfect abs just by sitting on this thing and rocking a little bit while you lazily watch tv.

The cleverly marketed infomercials for these products lure you in by showing you the ripped sexy abs of the male and female fitness models that they hired for the show (who have never actually used these gadgets themselves...they actually got their toned near-perfection bodies through following REAL workouts and strict nutrition!)

Well, since this "ab lounger" was sitting in this vacant room getting dusty, obviously it wasn't actually being used, so it was really a waste of their money that they spent on it.

Regardless, even if it was being used regularly, it would never have given my friends the results they were looking for, because these Butterfly Abs Machines and infomercial ab gadget machines (and all ab exercises for that matter), don't accomplish the most important aspect of truly achieving flat six pack abs...


And worse yet, just for kicks, I jumped on this "ab lounger" and gave it a try... I have to say, I've never done any abs exercise where I felt it LESS in my abs... 

As a matter of fact, this piece of crap lounger didn't even feel like it was making my abs work at all!

It felt more like a lounge chair I should be using to relax with a beer at a barbeque.

My point of this story is that there are still thousands of people every day that fall for these gimmicks and waste their hard-earned money on every ab-gimmick that comes out next.

So what does it REALLY take to get flat sexy six pack abs?

1. It takes some commitment to doing REAL workouts... full-body multi-joint workouts using strategic combinations of the most effective exercises for stimulating the release of fat burning hormones in your body and increasing your metabolic rate to new levels.  

These are the real types of workouts that actually stimulate the burning of stomach fat and increase your metabolism to reduce body fat over your entire body.

2. It takes introducing yourself to REAL nutrition... not fad diets, not restrictive starvation, not overly processed "diet" foods, not bogus "extreme fat loss" pills... but a truly nutrient-dense natural balanced diet that FEEDS your body with what it needs instead of starving it.

3. It takes the right success mindset to achieve these goals so that you can put everything into action and make it a part of your daily life for good.  

This mindset aspect is the one most often overlooked and one of the reasons most people fail in getting their desired body.
If you don't already have a copy, all of these techniques are detailed in my internationally best-selling program - The Truth about Six Pack Abs.

Tens of thousands of users in 143 countries worldwide have already used the program to change their outlook on true fitness for good. 

Check out common questions & answers about this abdominal fat loss program to see if this program is a good fit for you.

Also, you can see some of the results that other Truth about Abs readers are experiencing.

Alright, my stomach is growling for my lunch, so I've gotta go. My "abs-approved" lunch of the day is:
  • A grass-fed bison burger topped with mushrooms and grass-fed cheddar cheese on an Ezekial sprouted grain bun.
  • A side salad of baby lettuce, carrot shreds, olive oil & balsamic dressing and avocado slices
  • A glass of lightly raw honey-sweetened iced green tea 
So as you can see...the Butterfly Abs Machine is a total waste of time along with other ab machines that are meant to promote sexy abs.


truth about abs said...

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alfred said...

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kit shiro said...

I agree with your reasoning but when your making these arguments compare them to something closer or actually try the product yourself if i was interested in this product i would move on the moment i saw you compare it to the ab lounger witch may be a faulty piece of workout equipment is not even close to the same thing as the butterfly ab's witch is a item that you attach to your abdomen with the sticky pads that it provides and it shocks your abs causing them to move theoretically it could work but again i will state that i am pretty sure your right and its balogni just make a better argument next time ^^

Pool Party in Gurgaon said...

Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.

Water Park in Delhi NCR said...

What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.

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